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Online Art History Books

The Getty Research Portal allows access to almost 40,000 volumes of digitized art history texts from some of the world’s great research institutions. You can filter your results in any number of ways: type, name, place, or contributor (i.e., library). See how many books are here by James Rorimer, one of the most influential “Monuments Men“.

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The World’s Largest Book Publishers 2014

Accompanied by charts, statistics, and analysis, The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry 2014, traces the changing dynamics of the top ten publishers along with a look at the book industries in Brazil and China. It shows how the STM market is a real driving force in the profitability of certain publishers. Compare with:  The World’s 56 Largest Book Publishers 2014 from Publishers Weekly; and EBook Publisher Power Rankings, First Quarter 2014.

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Court Victory for Fair Use in the Digital Age

First, the Authors Guild copyright infringement suit against Google was dismissed, one of the main arguments being that what Google did was “transformative” in nature. And now HathiTrust, another book digitization project, has emerged as the winner in Authors Guild v HathiTrust; once again the judge remarked on the transformative nature of HathiTrust: “I cannot imagine a definition of fair use that would not encompass the transformative uses made by Defendants’ MDP[Mass Digitization Project] and would require that I terminate this invaluable contribution to the progress of science and cultivation of the arts that at the same time effectuates the ideals espoused by the ADA.”(Opinion, 22) Insidehigher ed, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Association of Research Libraries, the American Library Association, and the Courthouse News Service all have statements/analyses.


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Books by Peter Henderson Online

And who is Peter Henderson, you ask? The short answer is he was an owner of a very successful gardening/seed catalog business in Jersey City, the land upon which New Jersey City University now stands. During his lifetime (1822-1890), he wrote several books on horticulture and gardening; a memoir by his son Alfred, Peter Henderson, gardener, author, merchant, is also online. A very informative entry on Peter Henderson is found in Jersey City Past and Present.

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Getty Museum Publications Online

The J. Paul Getty Museum has been a major presence in the dissemination of free scholarly information in digital format; it now is making available over 250 of its publications online via the Getty Virtual Library. This collection, that will be continually expanded, offers translated volumes, symposium proceedings, as well as exhibition catalogs and the J. Paul Getty Museum Journal. Searching is by author, title, keyword, subject area and program, along with other options.

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Handbook of Latin American Studies

This essential reference tool is freely available online from the Library of Congress. “The Handbook is a bibliography on Latin America consisting of  works selected and annotated by scholars. Edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress, the multidisciplinary Handbook alternates annually between the social sciences and the humanities. Each year, more than 130 academics from around the world choose over 5,000 works for inclusion in the Handbook.”(Web site) Volumes from 1935 on are searchable online; another version called HLAS Web allows searches from 1990 and includes an annotation with each entry. Subject areas include history, art, economics, sociology, and much more.

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History of the “Foreign Relations of the United States”

We have already mentioned this great online primary source, but this tome – Toward “Thorough, Accurate, and Reliable” – traces the development and evolution of this document repository from the mid-nineteenth century until the present. Each chapter has extensive footnoting, and the book as a whole has a great bibliography of primary and secondary sources. A good read.

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