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2014 Best High Schools in New Jersey and in the Nation

According to Newsweek, New Jersey has 76 best high schools; other state rankings are also available. Charter schoolsmagnet schools, and STEM schools have their own listings. See if any Jersey City schools made the grade.

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2015 US News & World Report College Rankings

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2014 Fortune 500

Wal Mart again the tops the list for 2014 with sales approaching half a trillion dollars with Exxon Mobil at number 2. (A note of transparency – we worked for many years for XOM; in fact, it was still called Esso back in the day. The stories we could tell!) You can sort by numerous industries, headquarters state (see how many companies are located in New Jersey) and by various business metrics various business. Company profiles accompany the list.

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2014 Commencement Speakers: Who is Where? (With An Emphasis on New Jersey)

If you would like to know who is speaking where, you can come here and here; those wishing to find out who is speaking at New Jersey colleges as well as recapping the Rutgers graduation speaker fiasco can come here.

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Best High Schools 2014

US News & World Report has just issued the  latest iteration of its best high schools rankings. Find out what New Jersey schools made the grade.

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Worldwide University Rankings

For those interested in such things, there are three recently released surveys evaluating world universities; these comprise the major rating systems. The first is the QS World Universities Rankings 2013/14 that includes ranking by faculty and by thirty different subjects as well as separate rankings for both Asia and Latin America. In addition, other features are included such as tuition at the top-tier institutions. The World University Rankings 2013-14 emanates from Times Higher Education and includes rankings by region and broad subject areas along with a detailed look at the methodology employed. The last survey is the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities from Shanghai University features rankings by field and subject; it also allows filtering by country. Each institutional profile also highlights student indicators. It should come as no surprise that the mix of universities is varied in each ranking system. An interactive map incorporating all three systems is a useful tool.

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How Are Federal Agencies Responding to the Shutdown?

This site from the Office of Management and Budget lists the various contingency plans federal agencies have put in place in response to the government shutdown. This list will be updated as new information is received. The New York Times has this informative graphic Who Goes to Work? Who Stays Home? along with a related article.

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