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Online Primary Sources: World War I Photos

The Atlantic has put out World War I in Photos, a ten-part series arranged around various themes and comprised of over 400 photographs from various sources. Numerous other photos are at: Photos of the Great War (Great War Primary Documents Archives); Images (National World War I Museum); World War I Color Photos (great links!); World War I Photographs (British Library); and Vintage Photographs (almost 4,000 images,

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Photos of NJCU Gala on Ellis Island

The Jersey Journal has released a photo set of this event.

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2014 NJCU Commencement Photos

More than 200 photos have been posted online, courtesy of (the digital version of The Star-Ledger and the Jersey Journal, among other newspapers).

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Photos of Jim Cramer at NJCU

For photos of Jim Cramer speaking at NJCU on February 11, 2014, please go here. Photos courtesy of The Jersey Journal.

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2013 NJCU Commencement Photos

Here is a gallery of photos and a brief slideshow from

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Biographies of the New Members of the 113th Congress

Biographical information on the newly-elected members of both the House and Senate are presented by The Hill. Roll Call also contains biographies as well as photos of each new lawmaker.

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Historic California Photos

The Los Angeles Public Library has put more than 60,000 photos (and the collection is still growing) online depicting LA, California, and the Southland. Many photos date to before 1900. A keyword search on the “Rose Bowl Parade” turned up twelve photos, one dating to 1902. The photos have been assigned linked headings to ease your exploration; they are accompanied by informative summaries as well. Under “other search options,” you can search by photograher’s name(if you know it), or browse by subject or title.

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Hundreds of Thousands of New York City Photos Available Online

The New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery features almost 1,000,000 photos from its various collections. There are numerous collections from which one can select; among the largest repositories are the tax photos of every property in the city. These are updated photos used for tax appraisals and were taken in the 1980s. A word of caution here: we looked up our parents’ house in Brooklyn and the house photographed is not where we grew up. Close but not the place we spent our formative years. Another great source is contained within the Cities & Buildings section of the New York Public Library. Several of the collections in this section ( At Home in Brooklyn; Changing New York; and Photographic Views of New York City, 1870s-1970s) explore New York City.

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2012 NJCU Graduation Photos

Almost 100 photos are available courtesy of The Star-Ledger.

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Article/Photos on NJCU “Day of Action”

Courtesy of The Jersey Journal, here is an article with photos on yesterday’s demonstration at NJCU..

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Postcard Videos of Bergen County Towns

Entitled Greetings from Bergen County, this series of individual videos on the county’s 70 communities (as of this writing, 65 are online) consists of historic postcards, most from the “Golden Age” of postcards. The truly rural nature of Bergen County is captued in these snapshots, some almost 100 years or older. Living as we do in one of these towns, it is a window into our past. The videos, set to music, range from 1:16 minutes for Elmwood Park to over 10 minutes for Hackensack (the county seat). As a bonus, there is a delightful video of the Palisades Amusement Park!  These videos featuring postcards reinforce the fact that postcards must themselves be viewed as historical artifacts, to be used as another type of primary source and subject to the same scrutiny that any source would be. An informative newspaper article on this series is available for perusal. To learn more about the “Golden Age” of postcards, please read this oft-cited article: Rogan, Bjarne. “An Entangled Object: the Picture Postcard as Souvenir and Collectible, Exchange and Ritual Communication,” Cultural Analysis, 4(2005): 1-27. Examples of other collections are: Propaganda Postcards of the Great War (1400 postcards); Old Postcards from Brazil; Library Postcards: Civic Pride in a Lost America (annotated, with a separate section on New Jersey public libraries);  Chicago Postcard Museum; Albuquerque Historical Postcards; Route 66 Postcards; Joplin Historical PostcardsAntique American Postcards; and New Jersey Postcard Collection.

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World War II in Photos

This site from The Atlantic is comprised of twenty installments ranging from “Before the War” to “After the War” with special sections dealing with “Women at War” and “The American Home Front.” Each installment is prefaced by a brief essay; there are 900 photos in this feature. Other sites to consider: Pictures of World War II (The National Archives); and America from the Great Depression to World War II (contains over 160,000 photos, from the Library of Congress).

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New Jersey Really Is the Garden State

As was mentioned in 1855:  “The wealth of New Jersey lies in her lands, in the happy and convenient location of her territory, in its capability of improvement, and its proximity to markets.” (Jacob Miller. An Address Delievered before the New-Jersey State Agricultural Society.) And this can be proven by the recent release of over 2000 digitized images from the NJ Department of Agriculture held by the State Archives. You can search by full text, pre-selected subjects or corporate names, location, photographer, or year. (If you type “1899″ in the “latest year” box, you’ll retrieve 165 images predating 1900.) All the images have linked subjects as well. For those wishing to know more about farming in this state, a great place for statistics is the Historical Census Publications site of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Starting in 1840 and lasting until 1950, the Census Bureau included various and numerous questions on farm production and value. A one-volume compendium of statistics, with a separate narrative chapter on native American and colonial farming is New Jersey Agriculture: Historical Facts and Figures (1943); while more current numbers can be found here. Also, the Statistical Abstract of the United States has a separate section centered on agriculture; New Jersey is mentioned in some of the tables contained therein. Additional information can be found in: Kimberly Sebold. From Marsh to Farm: the Landscape Transformation of  Coastal New Jersey.(National Park Service, 1992); New Jersey Agriculture: A Bibliography (Rutgers, 2008); New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station; and books on New Jersey agricultural history.

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2011 NJCU Commencement Photos

Some photos are here courtesy of (the online home of the Jersey Journal and The Star-Ledger among others). Over 200 photos are available thanks to our own Lou Tiscornia. Here is a link to a story of NJCU’s oldest graduate, an eighty-four year old great-grandmother.

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112th Congress – New Member Pictorial Directory

Supplementing a previous blog entry that gave new member biographies, this official pictorial directory does what it says.

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Never-Seen-Before Photos of JFK

Life has just released photographs of President Kennedy that have never be seen before. The 30 plus photos are from the 1960 presidential campaign. Hundreds of additional JFK photos from Life are here.

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2010 NJCU Graduation Photos

Thanks to Lou Tiscornia,  Director of Television and Multi-Media Productions at the University, here are almost 350 photos of the ceremony. In addition, a batch of photos and a news report are available courtesy of The Jersey Journal. Flickr also features a nice selection.

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2009 NJCU Graduation Photos

This first batch is courtesy of the Jersey Journal. Here is a YouTube video of the event. And thanks to Mr. Lou Tiscornia, NJCU’s Director of Television and Multi-Media Productions, we can present you with almost 300 photos of the graduation.

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Life Magazine’s Photo Archives Available via Google Image

Ultimately, all ten million photos from Life will be searchable in Google Image; at the present, about 20% are online, with the rest to be loaded in the upcoming months. You can access this collection here, or you can just add “source:life” to any Google Image search and limit the search just to Life images. The pictures available now stretch back to the Civil War.

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2008 NJCU Commencement Photos

For photos from the ceremony at the IZOD Center, please click here and here. You have well over 100 photos to peruse and enjoy!

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