Need to Find Journal Articles?

If you need to find full-text journal articles about  a specific topic, go to the library’s homepage and click on Databases by Title. This page shows you an A to Z list of all the databases to which the library subscribes. The journal articles are IN the databases.

If you are searching for articles in Education, Nursing or Business, or another field, try Databases by Subject, which will help you narrow your search. Select your subject area to see a list of databases that cover it.

If you have a citation and need to find a specific article that your professor has assigned, go to the Periodicals A to Z list and type in the journal title. If the journal is available in one of our databases, or on the second floor in print or microform, you will see links to it on that page.

 For example, if you were looking for the following article:

Scott, T. J. & O’Sullivan, M. K. (2005). Analyzing student search strategies: Making a case for integrating information literacy skills into the curriculum. Teacher Librarian, vol. 33, no. 1, 21-5.

You would go into Periodicals list A to Z and type Teacher Librarian into the search box.  The results page would tell you that this article is available in the following databases: ProQuest Education, Academic Search Premier, MasterFILE Premier and Wilson OmniFile. To get the article you would click on one of the links to that database. Then you would see a list of years, select your year (2005), then select the specific issue (1). It sounds kind of complicated, but once you get used to doing it, it’s a breeze.

Give it a try using the example above and and if you’re confused contact one of the librarians for assistance.

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