Research Tips


As the second summer semester comes to an end and your assignments are coming due, keep in mind the following library resources:

1. If you need books, use OSCAR, the library’s catalog. Search by keyword to get a list of all the books we have on the topic you need.

2. To find online books, go to NetLibrary on the Databases by Title list.

3. To find articles in scholarly journals or magazines, try Academic Search Premier or Wilson OmniFile. Both of them are available from the Databases by Title list.

4. To find articles for specific classes (Business, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, etc.)  search the Databases by Subject.

5. For help citing sources for a paper, see the citation guides. You can also try this site, which will format your citation for you.

The library will be open on Sunday, August 5 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stop by if you need help or call us at 201-200-3033, email us at Or, when we’re not available, QandA NJ librarian are: 24/7. Visit them by clicking on the QandA NJ logo at the bottom of the library’s homepage.

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