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Library’s Holiday Schedule

turkey.jpg The Library will be closed on Thursday, November 22, in honor of Thanksgiving. It will also be closed on Saturday, November 24 and Sunday, November 25. But it will be open the Friday after Thanksgiving from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

While we’re not here, if you’ve ever wondered what the real first thanksgiving feast may have been like, take a look at these excellent articles from the Plimouth Plantation Web site. And by the way, eating turkey does not make you sleepy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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To Read or Not to Read …

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) released on Monday what they have termed “the most complete and up-to-date report of the nation’s reading trends . . . ”

A follow up to a 2004 report titled Reading at Risk, this latest release basically documents an alarming trend: fewer and fewer Americans are reading. The NEA researchers believe this decrease in reading and its correlates — including lower academic achievement, unemployment, lower wages and diminished voluntary and civic participation — can be reversed.

ALA president Loriene Roy responded to the report by releasing a statement on the importance of funding libraries because they’re crucial to ensuring that youth enjoy reading and have access to quality books.

How about you? Have you read a good book lately? Come check one out at Guarini Library.

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New York Times Now Free …

So maybe this news is a bit old already, nevertheless, as of September 18, The New York Times is making portions of its archives available for free to everyone. The Times had previously charged for some content including Op Ed pieces and their achives, going back to 1851.

Freely available will be content from 1851-1922 and after 1987.

What does this mean for libraries? NJCU Library subscribes to the Historical New York Times which provides coverage to the newspaper from 1851 to 2003. Lexis Nexis Academic provides coverage from 1980 to the present.

But might smaller libraries drop subscriptions in a budget pinch? Are libraries still keeping microfilm issues of the NYT?

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EZ Search

Did you ever wish you didn’t have to go to so many databases to find the articles you need? Your wish has come true!

With EZ search you can now search up to 50 databases in one search. How can you do this, you ask?

From this page enter your search terms and select databases which seem appropriate to your topic.  Don’t select too many or your search will be overwhelming. The default search will look for your keywords in the title. If you need to expand your search change it to keyword using the pull down menu.

Why is this useful?
EZ SEARCH is particularly useful for searches that cross disciplinary boundaries. For instance, if you’re searching for articles about school bullying, you would want to search in the Education databases (Academic Search Premier, Education Full Text, ProQuest Education Journals) but you might also want to add some Psychology journals to your search (PsycArticles, PsycINFO, ProQuest Psychology Journals). And then you might also want to add a couple of Social Science databases (ProQuest Social Science and Wilson Omni-File).

EZ Search allows to search in databases that cover several different fields, which makes it a very powerful search option. Try and let us know if you have questions.

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