Women Writers on the Web

writing.jpg Admittedly, there are an almost infinite number of sites on women authors. The following are among the best; they either contain full text works, biographical information, or examine particular time periods or ethnicities. And another criterion – these sites are free. The New York Public Library hosts the African American Women Writers of the 19th Century, truly a groundbreaking site. We would also recommend Voices from the Gap: Women Artists and Writers of Color which examines both American and Canadian authors, as well as Las Mujeres which concentrates on Chicana and Latina writers from Latin America and the United States. Other noteworthy sites include: American Women Writers Index; British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832; A Celebration of Women Writers which lists hundreds of works and is searchable by name, century, country,or ethnicity; Early Modern French Women Writers which has the authors’ writings in French but has biographies and other materials in English ; Emory Women Writers Resource Project which concentrates on the 17th through 19th centuries; Italian Women Writers which has the texts in Italian but has the extensive biograhical information in English; Scribbling Women which takes stories by American women and dramatizes them;  Victorian Women Writers Project; and Women’s Travel Writing: 1830-1930. Please bear in mind that the digitization of printed material continues at a fast pace. If you want to see what new works might be available online, check out the Online Books Page and the Internet Archive: Text Archive. The latter two sites are among those you will find on the Library’s homepage dealing with books.

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