This Sporting Life

sports.gif Thanks to the folks at Time, Inc., we now have free access to the past fifty-four years of Sports Illustrated, the main chronicler of sports in this country. This easy-to-use site offers access to every article published either in the magazine or its online sibling. Also, you can peruse cover galleries, selected videos, as well as thousands of photographs. This is truly a treasure trove of sports information; Frank Deford’s articles are a must read. We would be remiss if we did not mention the annual occurrence of “March Madness” for which there is no known cure. It would appear to the uninitiated that EVERY college basketball team is involved in some tournament or other at this time of the year. However, those are but tune-ups for “The Big Dance,” the yearly NCAA basketball ritual of determining the top team in the country through elimination rounds. Related facts and figures are available here. Did you know that NJCU fields many teams at the NCAA Division III level from men’s baseball to women’s volleyball? That the men’s soccer team made it into the sweet sixteen? That pending tomorrow’s rankings, the women’s bowling team may earn a fifth consecutive appearance in the championships? That two women track members qualified for the NCAA and earned All-American status?  You can follow their exploits from the NCAA site, but we prefer to get our NJCU sports fix from NJCU Sports Information Director Ira Thor’s informative and ever-updated Gothicknights page.

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