Mediated Shakespeare

 We came across a recent announcement of a free online database which will contain over 4000 references to the works of Shakespeare as they have appeared in either film or televison versions. Presently, this bibliography is 50% complete. While we wait for its final version, you may wish to visit these other sites. Needless to say, sites on Shakespeare proliferate exponentially; this is but a selection of highly valuable sites that have compiled references to media adaptations of Shakespeare’s works. The Folger Library, THE place for Shakespeare research, houses Shakespeare on Screen which focuses on film and video versions; a similarly-titled page is Shakespeare on Screen: An Annotated Checklist. For a listing of works solely on television, try Shakespeare on Television: A Bibliography of Criticism(“Its coverage is exhaustive up to 1999….”); a related site details the history of  Shakespeare’s plays as they were rendered on the BBC starting in 1936.  Another site that will reward your efforts is Shakespeare on Film & Video from the UC Berkeley Library.  For an Asian perspective on Shakespeare and media, please consult this special issue of Comparative Literature and Culture and its extensive bibliography. And we must mention this fine comprehensive site on all things Shakespeare – Mr William Shakespeare and the Internet which will supply you with links to the Bard’s works online. See how closely media versions of his plays correspond to his written word.

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