Today in History: 2003 Blackout

 A little after 4pm, on a day when humidity levels were high and the temperature was in the lower 90s, the largest blackout in North American history hit, cutting off power to more than 50 million people. With traffic lights non-functioning and power non-existent, thousands of commuters were stranded in Manhattan, forced to sleep in doorways and in parks. Thousands more flocked to the ferries which kept operating until they ran out of fuel which could only be supplied through electrically-powered pumps which had been rendered inoperable. Many Brooklynites walked home from Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge. For pictures illustrating the above conditions, please go to this site. So many people were inconvenienced by this outage that scores of hearings and reports were generated. A great site to find the vast majority of these reports is housed at PSERC(Power Systems Engineering Research Center). Other sites  with special reports include the New York Times, the BBC, the CBC(after all, Canada was especially hard hit), and for a more local perspective,

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