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“A Night with the Jersey Devil”

Just in time for Halloween, Bruce Springsteen’s musical homage to New Jersey’s favorite monster is freely available here. For additional information on this legend, please visit this New Jersey Pinelands Commission site, or this contribution from Weird N.J., or this article from the New York Times, or this hyperlinked report from the New Jersey Digital Highway.

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Haunted Libraries

We’ve all heard of haunted houses and haunted castles, but haunted libraries? Here is a delightful listing of libraries inhabited by spectral beings. Libraries from around the world are also included. And of course, New Jersey is represented as well. For those who want to read about ghostly doings, please peruse these ghost stories.                                                    

“All houses wherein men have lived and died are haunted houses” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Haunted Houses” from Complete Poetical Works

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Incidence of Diabetes Doubles in Ten Years

In a rather ironic coincidence, a major report on the prevalence of diabetes is released on the day most closely associated with candy. The October 31, 2008 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report presents compelling evidence indicating that the incidence of diagnosed diabetes has doubled in ten years. What is unique to this report is a state-by-state examination of the increase in this disease. 33 states are represented, and New Jersey is among them. This state’s increase amounts to 64%, which is actually among the lowest of the states reported. The highest, with incidence rates of 200% or more, include Florida, Texas, and Idaho. There is much that can be done to control diabetes. Check out this CDC site and this one from the National Library of Medicine.

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QandA NJ Demos

Need research help at midnight and don’t know where to turn? QandA NJ is the place for you! Available 24/7 New Jersey’s online chat reference service can help you find what you’re looking for. To learn how to use the service, attend a demo next week.

A student demo will be held on Thursday, November 6 from 4-4:30.

A faculty demo will be held on Thursday, November 6 from 12-12:30.

If you can’t make these times but would like to learn about it, just email me at and I’ll be happy to set up an online demo for you!

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Comparing Hospitals and Their Level of Care

Trying to find a hospital which has a good record in treating certain medical conditions or performing certain surgical procedures can be a daunting affair. How can one know the information is reliable? Where can one find statistics dealing with their level of care? What about patient ratings of the services they received? This site, Hospital Compare, from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will assist you. While not every hospital is included, there are a fair number in here, almost 2400 or 60% of all hospitals in the country. New Jersey is represented by 68 hospitals; Hudson County has 6.

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Today in History: War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

On the evening of October 30, 1938, listeners to the Mercury Theatre on the Air sat spell-bound and horrified as initial reports came in of an alien invasion from Mars. With eyewitness reports from the landing site in West Windsor, New Jersey, this radio broadcast, heard across the continental United States, had more than a few panicky citizens heading for their basements. Based on the classic H.G. Wells novel – The War of the Worlds– this fictitious radio adaptation, proved the power of this nascent media. It also made the reputation of its presenter, one Orson Welles. You can read the radio script, hear an audio of the original program, or read the original 1898 novel. To listen to all the Mercury Theatre radio productions, please visit here. Read the New York Times report on reaction to the broadcast.

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Where Do I Vote?

To find out where to cast your ballot in the upcoming elections, consult the Polling Place Finder. All fifty states and the District of Columbia are covered.

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