2007 College Student Health Report

Based on a survey given on 14 Minnesota campuses with a return of 10,000 completed forms, this report can be generalized to other colleges and universities as well. Among its findings: students with health insurance had a 3.25 GPA compared to a 3.17 GPA for those without(p.10); stress and sleep difficulties were cited the most by students, 32.9% and 20% respectively(p.12); and 59.4% of those students who reported a learning disability had their academic performance adversely affected, while those who complained of allergies had only 6% experiencing academic difficulties. As this report states: “For college students, health issues that affect their ability to attend class, complete projects, write papers, or take tests can have a profound impact on their ability to succeed academically.”(p. v) A good literature review on stress and health can be read here, and this site on campus health contains valuable information. And please remember that anytime you are experiencing problems, you always have the skilled staff at the following NJCU offices to assist you: the Counseling Center, Health and Wellness Center, or the Office of Specialized Services for Students with Disabilities(Project Mentor).


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