Historical Timelines

The assignment – “Class, I want you to prepare an historical timeline on….” – is met with dismay and dread by many students. To help alleviate those feelings, we present sites which will assist you: the Library of Congress’ American Memory Timeline goes from the 1600s to the 1960s with links to relevant documents interspersed along the way; the Smithsonian contributes the American History Timeline replete with links; the BBC Timelines includes British history(obviously) as well as ancient history chronologies; we always enjoy a dip into the NASA History Timelines from 1915 to 1995; Timelines of Art History contains links to articles and representative art works from ancient times to the 1600s; African Timelines provides copious links and stretches from ancient Africa until the present; World History Timelines spans space and time; Age of Exploration Timeline from 3200BCE to 1779CE; the Mystic Seaport has several timelines pertaining to the slave trade; American Women Through Time  covers prehistory to the 21st century accompanied by a multitude of links; the African American World program from PBS contains a hyperlinked timeline which may be supplemented by the African-American History Timeline from infoplease and Gale’s Events in African American History; Gale has also produced Events in Hispanic American History; we are adding this site, the Books Timeline from Astrodene’s Historic Naval Fiction because we can; and last but certainly not least, please look at the WebChron page with its numerous hyperlinked timelines and germane articles.


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