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The Decline of Newspapers

The list of newspapers that has gone under or have morphed into an Internet version is seemingly endless: Rocky Mountain News, Cincinnati Post, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Detroit Free Press, and The Christian Science Monitor, to name a few. This was adumbrated by a Pew report issued a few months ago –Internet Overtakes Newspapers as News Outlet. So dire has the sitution become that Maryland Senator Benjamin Carbin is sponsoring the Newspaper Revitalization Act, allowing newspapers to act as non-profit entities. The fact that the respected International Herald Tribune has just been subsumed under the New York Times and been sub-titled “The Global  Edition of the New York Times” only adds an urgency to this situation. Read this informative Reuters entry on the takeover. Also, other articles worth looking at are : “The Death and Life of America’s Great Newspapers” from The Nation,  “Stop the Presses” from, andThe 10 Most Endangered Newspapers in America” from Time.


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China’s Military Power

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Tracking Obama’s Political Appointments

President Obama has literally hundreds of government positions to fill in his new administration. Head Count from the Washington Post allows us to keep track of this process. You can search by individual, agency, and status, and you can also view demographic breakdowns of his appointments.  Biographical information is included as well; a  previous  blog entry will direct you to additional biographical resources.

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Digest of Education Statistics 2008

This annual volume from the National Center for Education Statistics provides “…a compilation of statistical information covering the broad field of American education from prekindergarten through graduate school.” This compendium is widely used and quoted by diverse audiences and is considered a definitive source. Chapter 6 contains “international education” figures from OECD countries as well as “partner economies,” among them Brazil and Russia ; chapter 7 focuses both on libraries(academic, school, and public) and on educational technology. Previous volumes back to 1990 can also be accessed.

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Webcast of AIG Hearings

The webcast before a subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee is available, as are prepared statements/testimonies. A blow-by-blow description of this hearing from the New York Times should be perused; it’s not pretty.

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State of the News Media 2009

This annual report from the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism examines the major sectors in journalism (newspapers, online, network TV, cale TV, local TV, magazines, audio, and ethics news outlets) using the following tools: analysis, audience demographics, economics, news investment, and ownership. Special reports are also included along with an extensive bibliography which has hyperlinks in many cases.

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2010 State Aid for New Jersey Municipalities

This listing is arranged by county, then municipality. Almost all towns are losing state aid; Jersey City will lose almost $2 million. Some reactions are here and here.

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