The Decline of Newspapers

The list of newspapers that has gone under or have morphed into an Internet version is seemingly endless: Rocky Mountain News, Cincinnati Post, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Detroit Free Press, and The Christian Science Monitor, to name a few. This was adumbrated by a Pew report issued a few months ago –Internet Overtakes Newspapers as News Outlet. So dire has the sitution become that Maryland Senator Benjamin Carbin is sponsoring the Newspaper Revitalization Act, allowing newspapers to act as non-profit entities. The fact that the respected International Herald Tribune has just been subsumed under the New York Times and been sub-titled “The Global  Edition of the New York Times” only adds an urgency to this situation. Read this informative Reuters entry on the takeover. Also, other articles worth looking at are : “The Death and Life of America’s Great Newspapers” from The Nation,  “Stop the Presses” from, andThe 10 Most Endangered Newspapers in America” from Time.

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