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5 Cases of Swine Flu Confirmed in New Jersey

This press release says it all. You can read about it from For those who are interested, you might like to peruse the New Jersey Statewide Pandemic Influenza Plan.


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President Obama’s 100 Days Speech

You can both read his speech and view the speech here. Analyses and commentaries are provided by CNNThe New York Times(featuring five historians commenting on previous administrations’ 100 days), the BBC, Time, The Atlantic, and the Brookings Institution .

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Free Online Pandemic Book Collection

Thanks to the National Academies Press, the Pandemic Influenza Special Collection of ten books is available online. Including such works as “The Threat of Pandemic Influenza: Are We Ready? Workshop Summary,” all these works can be read in HTML format. When you go to the list of books, you will see a link  – “Buy this single book” –  under each title. Simply click on that link and you will be taken to another page featuring the book in question, like this. You’ll notice there is a red tab in the upper left quadrant which states: Read This Book Online, Free!. Click there and the HTML version will be accessible. Additional related titles may be read here and here.

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Best Graduate Schools – US News & World Report

The 2009 rankings for a diverse number of graduate programs have been released by US News & World Report. Basic information is supplied about each program. The major fields are subdivided into specialities; i.e., the rankings for chemistry are broken down to include organic chemistry programs  or inorganic chemistry programs, among others. Here’s an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education on this. Another ranking service,  based  on data from the National Science Foundation, the National Research Council, and the National Center for Education Statistics is available from

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Swine Flu

The news of late has been full of reports concerning the reappearance of the swine flu: the BBC, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,  and Reuters are good places to review current events. The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Orgnization also provide pertinent facts and information. The CDC also has a report on the swine flu outbreak in California and Texas. The full text of the Secretary of Homeland Security’s press briefing on the swine flu can be read here. A timeline for this latest outbreak may be perused. Tips for preventing the spread of swine flu are here, courtesy of the Associated Press. To read about New Jersey’s own swine flu outbreak in 1976, called A/New Jersey/76(Hsw1N1), please read this article.

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How Is New Jersey Spending Its Stimulus Monies?

Come to this site to see a detailed explanation of how New Jersey intends to spend its $17.4 billion in stimulus monies. All other states’ plans can also be accessed.

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New Jersey School Board and Budget Votes

While it is too early to call all races or budget votes, this report does list a vast majority of all the results for most New Jersey towns. The results will be updated throughout the day.

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