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Swine Flu Spreads in New Jersey

Our last posting on this disease indicated that there were 5 confirmed cases in New Jersey; the total is now 56. In a press release,  State Health Commissioner Howard has stated that  the flu is in every region of the Garden State. We have already listed resources on this malady; here are some more:  H1N1 Influenza Center(from the New England Joural of Medicine with full-text articles back to 1837);  Influenza A (H1N1)(from DynaMed with copious links); and H1N1 Flu Resource Centre( from the Lancet featuring articles  and information from 40 Elsevier journals and 11 learned societies). The following publications from CRS should also be consulted: The 2009 Influenza A(H1N1) Outbreak: Selected Legal Issues; Avian Flu Pandemic: Potential Impact of Trade Disruptions; Would an Influenza Pandemic Qualify as a Major Disaster Under the Stafford Act?; Public Health and Medical Preparedness and Response: Issues  in the 111th Congress; and Pandemic Flu and Medical Biodefense Countermeasure Liability Limitation.


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Obama Nominates Judge Sotomayor for the Supreme Court

Federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor has been nominated by President Obama for the Supreme Court. Biographical information may be found at CNN, AP, and NPR. A distillation of her judicial opinions is available. Find out the role the Senate Committee for the Judiciary plays in this nominating process. These Library of Congress sites  provide background information on judicial nominations in general and the Supreme Court in particular.

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Speech by Obama on Fuel Standards

The speech may be read here, while the video is here. Here is what a coalition of automakers have to say(along with a timeline). Of interest is this 2007  CRS report – Corporate Average Fuel Economy, which can be supplemented by this National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  site – CAFE Overview.

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The “Missing Link” Fossil

Much is being made of this recently unveiled complete fossil. Is it indeed the magical “missing link”?. We really doubt it. It is unique in and of itself because it presents such a full specimen, unheard of in paleontology. Read the scientific article on this fossil, and then look at what these sites have to say:  National Geographic, BBC(videos), New Scientist, ScienceNow, Nature, Guardian, and The New York Times. Guess where the first fossilized dinosaur bones were discovered? China? Africa? The Rockies? How about New Jersey? If you, gentle reader,  rendered your considered opinion by choosing the Garden State, you are correct. Read all about it at, a delightfully informative site. Resources on paleontology can be found at this National  Academies Press site and at another location interviews with paleontologists are  available. A wonderful place to explore is the International Palaeontological Association where you can search for practitioners of this science throughout the world and dig up where fossil collections are located all over the globe; these are but two of its useful features.

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Map of Foreclosures in New York Area, including Jersey City

This map allows you to zoom into specific neighborhoods in the area, including Jersey City. The information is available at the census tract level.

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List of Closing Chrysler Dealerships

This interactive list from The Wall Street Journal shows which dealerships have been slated for closure; see how this will impact New Jersey as well as Jersey City. Documents related to the company’s bankruptcy are also available online. This article from The New York Times provides a great deal of insight into this business maneuver. And read this article about the dealers banding together to sue Chrysler.

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President Obama’s Commencement Speech at the University of Notre Dame

You can watch the video and the read the text of speech here. For additional information, please see The Chicago Sun-Times, Time, South Bend Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times.

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