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Obama’s Speeches

There are three separate sites containing  President Obama’s speeches. The first is Barack Obama Speeches 2002-2009 which lists over 200 addresses; the only problem is that it is not current as the last speech here dates from June 2009.  Needless to say, the White House has its own Speeches and Remarks section with the speeches arranged in reverse chronological order(that is libraryland lingo that tells you that the most recent item is at the top of the list; the second most recent is second, etc). There is an occasional speech from Mrs Obama here as well. The third repository is the Washington Post’s In Obama’s Words where you can search key speeches by broad category, keyword, date, or location. Videos of the speeches are available as well. This is an up-to-date site, having a speech already posted which was not on the White House site at the time of this writing. If you want all the speeches, go to;  if, however, you want selected speeches retrievable by various criteria, In Obama’s Words is the place to go.


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Facts and Figures for the Holiday Season

Brought to you by those busy folks at the Census Bureau.

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Employment Projections to 2018

What occupations are expected to show the most growth in the coming years? This issue of Monthly Labor Review  from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can help answer that question. Also included are statistic-laden articles discussing  future trends such as older workers staying more active, the economic recovery, and industrial output.

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Occupational Outlook Handbook

Want to find out authoritative information on a specific career? What education and training are required? What the salaries look like? What the job prospects are? What are the working conditions like? A guide to other sources of information? Look no further than the Occupational Outlook Handbook , the government’s definitive guide to careers. So popular/important is this resource that if you type “ooh” into Google, the first hit is this title. Another heavily consulted work is the Career Guide to Industries. For New Jersey, please consult the Industry Employment Projections and Occupational Employment Projections both of which are subsumed under Labor Market Information from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

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Almost 1% of Children Have Autism

This CDC report released today – Prevalence of Autistic Spectrum Disorders –  is much in agreement with previous published reports. So this represents a 50% increase in the diagnosis of autism in just two years. Additional information is available from: the New York Times, WebMD , CNN, and Autism Speaks. For all the blog entries on autism, please visit here.

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Six Hudson County High Schools Are Ranked Nationally

According to the latest U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best High Schools, Hudson County is home to six(one gold, one silver, four bronze) winning schools. Almost 22,ooo high schools were evaluated on the following criteria: test performance, performance of “least advanatged”(black, Hispanic, low-income) students, and college-readiness performance. You can search the rankings by state, top charter schools, top magnet schools, etc.

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Jersey City and Ethics Report

It will no longer be “business as usual” in Jersey City if the commissioned Report and Recommendations Concerning Development Practices and Procedures in Jersey City is approved by the City Council. This is in response to this past summer’s FBI investigation which resulted in 44 persons being accused of various felony offenses; among them 20 associated with Jersey City in some fashion, including a deputy mayor.  The report rightfully lauds Jersey City’s turnaround: “Anyone familiar with the Jersey City of the ’60s to the ’80s would know that Jersey City’s development since the ’80s to the present has been a spectacular success story.”(p.7) To ensure the continued development of the city, the report makes several commonsense recommendations, among them: ethics training for both city officials and developers, prominent posting of a guide laying out the proper procedures for developers to engage the city, no private meetings with contractors, and revising the city’s Master Plan. News reports on this guide are to be found at the Star-Ledger,  and the Jersey Journal

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