Say Goodbye to Interlibrary Loan

Possibly lost among all the bad news emanating from Trenton is the fact that library services across the state will be devastated. According to Norma Blake, the State Librarian for New Jersey, the 74% decrease in state aid will cripple libraries. Among services targeted would be the interlibrary system within the state. Libraries would have to resort to book rate mail that is far slower than the present system and also costs money for postage that libraries have no funds for. It will mean faculty, staff, and students will have to subsidize the shipping costs or travel to the libraries where the materials are located. In addition, the loss of state aid would mean that this library will need to pick up the costs of two previously subsidized databases –  the heavily-used Academic Search Premier and Business Source Premier to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Other databases are also threatened. Additional measures call for the State Library to be run by Rutgers University, a partnership unheard of in other states. More can be read from : Library Journal, New Jersey Library Association,, and “talking points” from Norma Blake. UPDATE: A very informative article, along with quotes from some library leaders, is found in this Star-Ledger article: Budget Imperils New Jersey Libraries.


  1. Sarah Harnick said

    Wow Fred,
    I had no idea that the libraries had also taken a hit. He’s not saving money, Christie is cost-shifting.
    Thanks for the info. Sarah

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