Baseball Biographies

Well, it is spring after all, and that can only mean one thing -baseball! We are unreconstructed Brooklyn Dodger fans and even if this means dating ourselves, we remember The Silver Fox (aka Duke Snider to you uninitiated) patrolling the outer reaches of Ebbets Field, the shadow of which we grew up in. For those who like to indulge in tracking your favorite players, we hereby list for you some sites that prove of value. The Baseball Biography Project, sponsored by the Society for American Baseball Research, has as its goal to present in-depth articles on those who played, managed, or had an impact on baseball.  You can search or browse the list; the browse function allows you to narrow by achievement, demographics, era, or awards and honors. At the time of this writing there are about 1330 biographies present or soon to be completed; each one has a bibliography attached to it. As far as we can see, no current ballplayer is examined, but biographies are available for those who played in the “modern” (post 1976) era. Current players as well as past athletes are profiled in The Ballplayers: A Baseball Player Encyclopedia. The biographies are very brief, just “bare bones” so to speak, but their life stories are augmented with a veritable flood of statistics. If career statistics are more your priority, then check out Player Search from MLB. Searches can be conducted for either “active” players or “historical” players; then stand back for the numbers! Historic Baseball Player Biographies does what is says with links to The Ballplayers: A Baseball Player Encyclopedia site for the statistical side. presents The Ballplayers that has both active and inactive players. Each entry is hyperlinked and contains brief statistical information, a chronology, and “related info,” which is in reality links to full text articles on the player in question. For those who still cannot get enough, we recommend the Baseball Digest along with its issues back to July 1945.

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