Do New Jersey Public Employees Earn Too Much?

In words of one syllable or less – no. At least that is what this report from the Economic Policy Institute entitled Are New Jersey Public Employees Overpaid? states. This paper observes that: “On average, New Jersey public sector workers are more highly educated that private-sector workers: 57% of full-time New Jersey public-sector workers hold at least a four-year college degree compared to 40% of full time private sector workers.” The report goes on to say how state and municipial governments pay on average 10% less than private employers.(Executive Summary)  However, when you factor in benefits paid to public workers, then the total package essentially evens out. But at no point, according to this report, are local and state workers overpaid.News articles can be found at: The Star-Ledger and NJ Today. This November 2006 research from Rutgers should be consulted if only to form a basis for research: New Jersey Public Private Sector Wage Differentials: 1970-2004.


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