Earthquakes Past and Present

New Jersey is not immune to earthquakes as can be seen in this article from the Earthquake Information Bulletin; more information on this topic is here. For those who want to look for past as well as contemporary occurrences, please visit Earthquake Search from the US Geological Survey; depending on the region of the world you are interested in, the data go back thousands of years. The USGS also maintains the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) comprised of 7000 monitoring stations around the country. In addition, go to its publications warehouse (use the “advanced search” option to limit to online publications) to view hundreds of titles on this subject.  Infoplease carries dozens of entries on earthquakes as does while HowStuffWorks has a very informative presentation on earthquakes. The largest earthquake ever to hit this country was in fact a series of  major quakes extending over several months – the New Madrid Earthquake of 1811-1812. Emanating from New Madrid, Missouri, these quakes were so powerful that church bells rang in Boston and the Mississippi River temporarily reversed its flow. A great site for eyewitness accounts and well as newspaper reporting is found at the Center for Earthquake Research and Information. There’s certainly a “Whole lotta shakin’ goin’  on.”

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