Preparing for a Hurricane

This site from FEMA offers much solid advice. And if anyone should know about hurricanes, it is the folks from Louisiana; therefore this site from the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness should also be consulted. Updated information on Sandy is available from the National Hurricane Center. Having lived through too many natural and manmade disasters both here and abroad, we would like to add some tips that people might not think of nor are they listed in most preparedness publications: when electricity goes out in an area, that means gas stations cannot pump gas, so fill up a couple of days ahead of time; without electricity, ATMs will not work, nor will debit/credit cards at stores, so have cash available; without electricity, procuring medicines from a pharmacy will prove difficult, therefore make sure you have enough on hand to get through the aftermath of a major storm; charge your phones and other devices; make sure you have fresh batteries and a portable radio; purchase some paper plates and plastic utensils; purchase a manual can opener; buy some bags of ice ahead of time to preserve your food; you might want to invest in a charcoal grill (and of course lighter fluid, charcoal and matches) to be used outdoors if power fails;  before the storm hits, find the manual override for your automatic garage door; and remember the rule of thumb is you need a gallon of water per day per person for the bare necessities, and don’t forget your pets; and filling up your bathtub with water ain’t a bad idea either. And don’t wait until the last minute! Basic information on hurricanes is here. Long-range planning should be considered: stand-by generators; portable generators or batteries; portable submersible sump pumps; in-ground pumps; adequate number of hoses; wet vacs, to name a few options.


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