Vacation Days Around the World: How Many and Their Use

This Harris poll underwritten by is an annual publication tracking the number and use of vacation days from selected countries around the world. This Vacation Deprivation Study, for those who do not already know, shows how poorly American workers fare in the allotment of vacation days. For example, U.S. workers are given 14 days of vacation, ranking them near the bottom of the list; only South Korea (10 days) and Japan (11 days) receive less. On the other hand, in every European country on the list, with the exception of Ireland (21 days), workers get a minimum of 25 days of vacation, with some being given 30 days. There are many additional results in this 15 page report, from are bosses supportive of employees taking vacation to what kind of vacation would you take if you could take only one. (For this latter question, 7% of Americans would take a gambling vacation, far outdistancing any other respondents.) Please see relevant articles in CNN Money, the Los Angeles Times, and Forbes. Also, this site from the Bureau of Labor Statistics – Holiday, Vacation, Sick, and Other Leave Benefits – provides a great deal of information; it must be remembered that under federal law, there is no such thing as paid vacation or sick time (Fair Labor Standards Act).


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