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Governor Christie’s 2012 State of the State Address

You can watch the video here; the transcript is here. Various reactions are gathered here. Reportage can be found at: The Star-Ledger, The Bergen Record, and statehousesteps.

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Standard & Poor’s Rates the Credit of 16 European Countries

Of course, this was released on a slow news day – Friday. But here is the original text of the announcement. Find out which countires had ratings lowered and which were affirmed.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Papers Go Online

There are more than a million documents associated with Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. The King Center has digitized an initial offering of two hundred thousand documents ranging from his sermons to letters he received from children. This is an ongoing project; more material will be added. An extensive photo archives in also available (in the “Spotlights” section, select “photos”). An unbelievable treasure trove of primary sources. This project supplements the scholarly edited  “Papers” already available online. (This latter site also allows access to the informative MLK Encyclopedia).

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Lists of Presidential and State Primaries and Caucuses

Here are two very straight-forward sites that deliver the above information: the first is a listing by date of presidential primaries/caucuses; the second is an arrangement by state that not only includes the presidential primaries/caucuses but also includes the state-level primaries/caucuses for congressional seats. This 2011 CRS report – Presidential Nominating Process: Current Issues – provides needed background on this topic. Also, chapter one of Stephen Wayne’s Road to the White House 2008 focuses on “Presidential Selection: A Historical Overview”; a partial 2012 version of this chapter is available at Google Books. Additionally, these articles are of help: Reforming the Presidential Nominating Process; Reforming Presidential Nominations: Rotating State Primaries or a National Primary?; and Polls and Elections: Support for Nationalizing Presidential Elections.

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U.S. News & World Report Ranks Online Degree Programs

This newsweekly examined hundreds of online programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels concentrating on business, education, nursing, computer information technology, and engineering. Several criteria were applied to each program (methodology is explained). A simple school name search is provided as well. It should be noted that no for-profit institution made the top of any list.

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Online Historical Maps of New York City

The New York Public Library has recently finished the digitization of 124 atlases on New York City. Most are fire insurance; i.e. Sanborn, maps of the city and its boroughs. The volumes range from 1815-1948 and contain over 7000 maps. If you want to see what neighborhoods looked like in startling detail back in the day, this would be a good first stop. These maps give you an idea of how the city has expanded over time, and that it did not have the same boundaries as it does now. For instance, where we grew up in Brooklyn is not even on the maps from the 1880s.

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American Historical Association – Presidential Speeches

At the annual meetings of the AHA, the outgoing president delivers a speech usually from one of the following categories: an historiographical perspective, a state-of-the-profession reflection, or a summation of his/her field of specialized research. Since 1884, some of the great names in history have been elected as president and have delivered speeches. The Archive of AHA Presidental Addresses includes all of these speeches. Read addresses from such luminaries as Frederick Jackson Turner, Robert Darnton, Carl Becker, Joseph Strayer, Charles Homer Haskins, and other prominent names in history.

If you go to the AHA YouTube channel and look up the annual meeting playlists, you will find videos of the these addresses from 2011 to the present.

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