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Interviews with America’s Top Scientists

Membership for scientists in the National Academy of Sciences is ” … in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. Membership is a widely accepted mark of excellence in science and is considered one of the highest honors that a scientist can receive.” There is an ongoing project called InterViews that features some of these members; among them are Paul Ehrlich, Michael T.Clegg, and other luminaries. Each interview features background or biographical information along with “highlights” of the interview. Searching can be done by person or subject area.


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Iranian Oral Histories

With Iran figuring so prominently in the news of late, a visit to the Harvard Iranian Oral History Project could prove beneficial. There are more than one hundred oral histories here with digital audios and transcripts; these eyewitnesses accounts range from the 1920s through the 1980s. One can browse by narrator or by subject. This unique resource has been described as  “… the most comprehensive chronicle of eye-witness reports of modern Iran by some of the key figures who defined her history.” (From Role of oral histories in preparing new Iranian Economic Histroy(sic))



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What and Where Are The World’s Tallest Buildings?

The Skyscraper Center offers a wealth of information on these two queries, and more. There are pre-selected quick lists and facts on such topics as completed tallest buildings, proposed tallest buildings, demolished tallest buildings, number of “supertall” buildings, etc. In addition, you can create your own lists; for example, the United Arab Emirates has 440 tall buildings, among them the world’s tallest at 2717 feet – the Burj Khalifa. But there is so much more information:  each building has its own separate page containing  splendid photos, facts (official name, address, year started/completed), companies(contrators, owners, developers), figures (number of floors, elevators, parking spaces, hotel rooms, etc) as well as news articles, videos, and technical papers. Where does the United States rank? We come in with the 8th tallest building – the Willis Tower.  The Empire State Building is 18th, which is pretty remarkable given that all of the buildings ahead of it are decades newer. And Jersey City makes the list with 55 structures in various stages of development (vision, in progress, completed), headed by the completed 30 Hudson Street (aka Goldman Sachs Tower) at 781 feet.

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Online State Encyclopedias – Kentucky

The 20th one we have found, the Kentucky Encyclopedia is another example of an historical encylopedia written and edited by scholars, funded by state and/or federal funds, and published under the auspices of either an historical society or a university press. This site allows one to browse the entries in alphabetical order, search full text, or employ certain pre-determined limiters; i.e., search by calendar, names, place, or map (this latter choice allows the researcher to pull up individual county/regional histories). All the results are extensively linked to other entries in this work and are accompanied by bibliographies. The Civil War articles are especially pertinent given the 150th anniversary of that conflict.

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W.E.B Du Bois Papers Online

More than 60,000 items comprising this unique collection are readily available for free. You can browse by name, subject, or genre as well as by conducting advanced searches. This site also provides access to his books, articles, essays, and The Crisis, a magazine he edited for many years. In addition, a biography and a chronology are also offered.

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Higher Education, Including NJCU, To Get Funding Increases in FY 2013

Highlights of Governor Christie’s proposed funding increases for New Jersey higher education are contained on p.59 of his FY 2013 budget summary; p.8o lists the increases for each of the four-year colleges along with a boost in funding for student financial aid. A video and transcript of his address is now online.  A review of the budget in general is available from NJ Spotlight. An article from The Star-Ledger reviews the entire education sector

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Online Interviews with Civil Rights Lawyers

These 80+ interviews are primarily with civil rights attorneys who battled against discrimination and segregation through the legal system. A fuller explanation of the project can be found here. Definitely a primary source of information concerning those contentious times.

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