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Updated Statistics on Every U.S. County

This site contains data from over 6000 sets published by a wide variety of government sources from the Census Bureau to the Department of Labor. Every county is listed along with state totals as well. You can drill down through topics such as “water usage,” “veteran” status, and “unemployment” rates. Many of the data sets here allow you to go back twenty years (in the case of population figures, back to 1930) for a comparative look. The default searching gives a general overview, while selecting topics from the pulldown menu open up a treasure trove of additional information. Just examine the statistics for NJCU’s home county of Hudson to see the wealth of information contained here.


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Live View of Space Shuttle Enterprise Over New York City

 The shuttle Enterprise will begin its flyover of NYC around 10AM. You can watch it live; a projected flight path is available. Additional information on the shuttles’ retirements can be found at UPDATE: Viewer-supplied photos here; abbreviated MSNBC video here; and a nice selection of YouTube videos here.

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Article/Photos on NJCU “Day of Action”

Courtesy of The Jersey Journal, here is an article with photos on yesterday’s demonstration at NJCU..

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Mental Health Statistics for the United States

This biennial report, Mental Health, United States contains vast reams of information, charts, and statistics on those who have experienced serious mental illness, their socieconomic indicators, type of treatment, and plans utilized. The most recent volume is for 2010; it was just released. Previous volumes in this series can also be accessed

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State and Local Government Health Care Plans

The just-released National Compensation Survey: Health Plans Provisions in State and Local Government in the United States, 2011 provides detailed information on a national level as to the provision of health care benefits: vision, dental, outpatient prescription, selected benefits by type of plan, etc. This 300 page document proceeds to analyze the data by geographic region, income level, and industry sector (including higher education). Another informative report is this April 2012 report –  Employment-Based Health Benefits: Trends in Access and Coverage, 1997-2010 –  that shows a downward trend in employers offering medical benefits to workers.

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Online Encyclopedia of Mathematics

Originally published in 2002, The Encycloepdia of Mathematics, is considered a primary tool for this field. Recently, a free, wiki-based  online version has been released by its publisher containing all the original articles which can be updated along with new submissions, all under the editorial auspices of the European Mathematical Society. More than 8,000 can be accessed in all the sub-fields of mathematics.

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Welcome to Amazon Publishing

Not content to be a retailer, Amazon recently announced that it will publish around 40 titles a year beginning this fall. This article – Larry Kirshbaum shares many more details on how Amazon Publishing will work – provides an excellent overview of this new venture. For those unfamiliar with Mr Kirshbaum, he is the former head of the Time Warner Book Group and one of the industry’s giants. C-SPAN has video interviews and discussions with him. More information on this development is found at: Business Week, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

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