Online Cybersecurity Resources

The good folks at the Congressional Research Service recently issued Cybersecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources that can act as a vade mecum for research in this crucial area. They have examined online sites ranging from Congressional hearings to private industry reports to compile a basic starting point. Topics in this 55-page guide range from critical infrastructure to cybercrime and national security to cloud computing. All references have links attached to them with the exceptions of Congressional legislation and hearings. However, those deficiencies are easily rectified.  Legislation can be tracked through THOMAS – the online guide to Congressional legislation. Simply input the bill number that the CRS report lists and THOMAS will retrieve the pertinent information on this bill:  summary, full text, sponsors, and all the Congressional actions that have been taken. The Congressional Hearings site allows access to published hearings; you can search by Congress as well as by committee. For those who wish to watch the hearings, please go to the wonderful C-SPAN Video Library-Congressional Chronicle for full-length recordings of hearings along with related resources and transcripts. In addition, this CRS report shows you the way to further research. This document came out in April 2012 so obviously the information is frozen in time as of its issuance; however, you can use it as a springboard. Many GAO reports are listed; go to the GAO site and see if more recent reports have been generated by this body. (It has produced more.) The same methodology applies to hearings and legislation as well as other sources highlighted.

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