Victorian Plays Online

There were literally hundreds of plays or dramas written and produced during the 19th century in England. The Victorian Plays Project (VPP) allows access to 350 texts of plays during that time period. One can search via author, title, year, keyword, quotes, stage directions, etc. Its catalog allows one to search through 1500 plays and provides basic information on them – theater and date of first, title and subtitle, and the playwright’s name. This project is based on the 100 volume Lacy’s acting edition of plays, dramas, farces and extravagances…. compiled by Thomas Hailes Lacy (92 of the volumes are represented here in HathiTrust.). These 92 volumes provide almost all the 1500 plays indexed in VPP, but there is no centralized index to review all these volumes; the VPP provides that service through its catalog which presents a volume by volume contents list. The VPP provides a valuable service in allowing one to search through the whole corpus of works on its site, and with that information in hand, one can then look at the 92 volumes available through HathiTrust. So, if one cannot find the full text of the play in VPP, then come to the 92 volumes online through HathiTrust and find it. The VPP offers multiple search options not available in HathiTrust; HathiTrust offers almost all the plays in full text which VPP does not.

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