United Nations Online Resources

This is but a brief introduction to the plethora of online documentation provided by the United Nations. These links will serve as a jumping-off point for further research. All UN documents are numbered. A guide to the system is available from the Dag Hammarskjold Library. Online access to UN documents is available in two ways: Official Documents of the United Nations presents full-text official documentation from 1993 to the present. It also includes resolutions from the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Trusteeship Council, and the Economic and Social Council from 1946 to the present; and UNBISNET which is the catalog of the Dag Hammarskjold Library in New York and the UN Library in Geneva. It links to many full-text documents. It also allows access to voting records and speeches before the UN (most of Nelson Mandela’s speeches are available online from this portal.) The UN publishes many valuable reference sources; among those freely available online are: Yearbook of the United Nations. The entire run from 1946 is available online; you can search by multiple points. It provides a detailed summary on the UN’s activities. Demographic Yearbook, available online from 1948 to the present. Landmark General Assembly Documents which presents verbatim documents from the first plenary meetings. Population and Vital Statistics Report which contains demographic  information on countries, published twice a year and available online since 2006. Statistical Yearbook which has dozens of tables on 200+ countries for the past few years. The UN Chronicle (the magazine of the UN) and UN Pulse,  an alerting service from the DH Library with hyperlinked documents. Other links of interest are: UN WebTV (live and archived videos) and the United Nations Handbook (50th ed., 2012-13. Published annually by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.)

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