Online Primary Sources for American History: Treaties with Indian Nations

Over this country’s history, hundreds of treaties have been negotiated between the government and Indian tribes. Many, of course, were broken or imposed such severe terms on the nations that they were disruptive of their lives; for example, see Indian Treaties and the Removal Act of 1830 from the State Department, and Indian Treaties as Sovereign Contracts. One of the earlier full text compilations of Indian treaties is contained in volume 7 of the Statutes at Large. (A point of interest, until 1948 ALL treaties were recorded in the Statutes.) The major edition of treaties will be found in the seven-volume work Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties; these volumes include both treaties as well as laws and executive orders. In total 366 of the 375 recognized treaties are contained therein; the other nine treaties can be found in Early Recognized Treaties with American Indian Nations.


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