Is Recent Bad Weather Here and Abroad Caused by Climate Change?

We have of late been battered by cold, ice, sleet, snow and thunder snow. Great Britain has had its hare of weather woes as well – gale force winds, torrential rains (the most in 248 years), river flooding, etc. Can climate change be the cause of all this bad weather on both sides of the Atlantic? Maybe, according to The Recent Storms and Floods in the UK from the UK Meteorological Office. As this report states: “As yet, there is no definitive answer on the possible contribution of climate change to the recent storminess, rainfall amounts and the consequent flooding.”(2) But it does go on to request that: “More research is urgently needed to deliver robust detection of changes in storminess and daily/hourly rain rates. The attribution of these changes to anthropogenic global warming requires climate models of sufficient resolution to capture storms and their associated rainfall. Such models are now becoming available and should be deployed as soon as possible to provide a solid evidence base for future investments in flood and coastal defences.”(26) Charts and references are provided. Reportage is found courtesy of The Guardian and Scientific American.


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