Online College Classes: Statistics and Survey

Grade Change: Tracking Online Education in the United States is a just-released report that contains a plethora of current information. Buttressed by many tables, the document reveals, among other items, that: 7.1 million students have taken at least one online course during the survey year; that colleges that offer MOOCs have increased from 2.6% to 5% over the past year; and that 90% of chief academic officers believe that most students will take at least one online course in the next five years. The report also provides a clear definition of what a MOOC is:

Those participating are not registered students at the school.

They are designed for unlimited participation and open access via the web – no tuition is charged.

There is typically no credit given for completion of the MOOC.(7)

More data on the present state of online education at colleges is presented,  and a very useful infographic is provided. A worthwhile perusal indeed.


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