EdTech Reports – March 2014

The various types of cloud technology services available to the K-12 sector are discussed in K-12 Edtech Cloud Service Inventory from the Berkman Center, Harvard University. Also from the Berkman Center – Youth Perspectives on Tech in Schools: From Mobile Devices to Restrictions and Monitoring – examines their use of digital technology in an educational setting and what they can, and cannot, do with it. Cellphone, smartphone, and Internet usage/ownership in developing economies are the foci of the Pew Center’s Emerging Nations Embrace Internet, Mobile Technology. Numerous statistical tables along with breakdowns by age add to the utility of this report. Teens & Technology: The Digital Landscape (Pew) interviews students 12-17 years of age and elicits from them how they use with social media/mobile technology in their everyday lives. Children from low-income families face barriers when trying to interact with the digital world. Using Early Childhood Education to Bridge the Digital Divide from the RAND Corporation shows how this level of education can help overcome this deficit. Where we are now with the internet and where we will be going is the focus of an ongoing series of reports issued by Pew on its The Web at 25 site. Recent statistics on online higher education and the survey questions that generated them are at Grade Change: Tracking Online Education in the United States.


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