What Medicare Paid Your Healthcare Provider in 2012

Took a trip in an ambulance? Had blood work? Undertook physical therapy? Had an eye exam? If you were covered by Medicare, then those medical events went into this massive compilation of data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that was re-configured by The Wall Street Journal. Over 888,000 providers were paid $77 billion in 2012.  One can search by name, specialty, location, or state. If you wanted to find how much Medicare-funded payments were received in Jersey City, you can do so. You’ll find that an ambulance company ranks at the top and by clicking on its name, you’ll see what kind of “runs” it made, what the average payment was for each procedure, and total payments for each procedure. The same thing applies to other providers: this interactive tool will list the doctor, the procedure he/she performed, the average payment and total payment for each procedure.

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