Recent Reports on Academic Libraries

Being as this is National Library Week, we thought we would point out to you some new reports highlighting the work of academic libraries. Academic Libraries: 2012 is the latest in a biennial series from the National Center for Education Statistics; it focuses on the 3793 academic libraries that range from community college to research institution. Facts and figures abound: expenditures, staff, circulation, gate count, information literacy, collections, etc. The State of America’s Libraries 2014 from the American Library Association has its primary focus on public libraries, but it does have a chapter on academic libraries starting on page 34. This chapter reviews/summarizes many important documents that have recently been published on the role of the academic library in an institution’s mission and retention of students. The Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2013, published in March 2014, polled hundreds of academic library directors to ascertain their priorities. Almost everyone agreed that providing information literacy instruction and collaborative space were of foremost importance; only one-third thought hosting “outside” student support centers was important. While this report was published in 2010, it is still a worthwhile read: Value of Academic Libraries: A Comprehensive Research Review and Report from the Association of College & Research Libraries.


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