Country Economic Appraisals – “OECD Economic Surveys”

“An Economic Survey is published every two years for each OECD member country and for some countries that are not OECD members, such as China, Russia and Brazil. There is also a separate Survey of the euro area.”(Introduction) Since the U.S. is part of the OECD, it is also reviewed every two years; the 2014 edition of the OECD Economic Survey of the United States has just been published. It is written according to a standardized structure – each survey starts off with an executive summary, followed by assessments and recommendations that are in turn followed up by thematic chapters. All of these writings are supplemented with numerous charts, tables, and data, some historical in nature. For those who do not want to read the entire U.S. report, there is a briefer overview online as well. Here is a list of the countries scrutinized; following each country’s link will bring you to overviews,  past reports, and the ability to read the latest reports online (For every country, you will see a link to “Online Bookstore.” Click on that link and you will then see a highlighted “look inside” button that will lead you to the latest report.) What recommendations/assessments does the OECD have for this country? Here they are: “The economy is recovering; structural reforms, including comprehensive tax reform, can boost long-term growth; financial reform should be rolled out fully; labour market reform can boost employment; Americans are generally happy, although working families face rising pressures; making the best of new energy resources.” (Overview 6)





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