Online Ancient History Encyclopedias

Here are a few noteworthy titles that can be considered as good starting points. The UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology is a peer-reviewed site still being constructed, but what is available is worth a look. The articles are heavily referenced with supporting bibliographies and, where applicable, images accompany the pieces. Free registration is required. The Encyclopedia of the Hellenic World focuses on Asia Minor, the Black sea, and Constantinople. While exploring a greater time range than ancient history, this work does provide a great deal of writing on the ancient past. The site also includes a massive bibliography, a very large webliogaphy, and an interactive atlas. The articles contain informative links to other sections of the site and provide a list of references as well. The Encyclopaedia Iranica is a well-established scholarly undertaking examining the total history of Iran; included within its vast structure are articles on ancient Iran ranging from the concept of water to archaeology. The articles are fact-based and have graphs/figures with them along with bibliographies. A scholarly-based venture, De Imperatoribus Romanis contains biographies of Roman emperors and listings of their families. Much of the information is from primary sources, and links lead you further into this site. The Ancient History Encyclopedia features accessible articles with embedded links. This, too, is a work in progress, but has great potential. A timeline is included as well as something unique- links to videos on ancient history topics from a variety of sources.


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