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Grand Jury Documents in the Ferguson Case

There are dozens of volumes accessible online. Read them for yourselves.

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Among Major Retailers, What Is Open/Closed on Thanksgiving

For those willing to brave the crowds, this list should help you navigate.

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NEH Jefferson Lecture

The Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities“… is the highest honor the federal government confers for distinguished intellectual achievement in the humanities.” Recent recipients have included Walter Isaacson, Martin Scorsese, and Drew Gilpin Faust, a veritable who’s who of humanists. Annual lectures back to 2000 are available online and are accompanied by a biography, a critical appreciation, an interview, a video of the lecture, and a transcript.

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Transcript and Video of President Obama’s Immigration Speech

Both a video and an uncorrected transcript are available online.

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2014 Student Engagement Survey

The 2014 SES is out and available online. This document, entitled Bringing the Institution into Focus, will inform many institutions’ strategic plans so it is a valuable document to read. More than 355,000 students from 622 colleges and universities participated in this iteration. One takeaway is that freshmen who meet with an adviser are more likely to perceive the institution as friendly and supportive. Of particular relevance to librarians and those who care about empowering students in this era of Big Data is that:

“Both first-year students and seniors reported a considerable emphasis by instructors on information literacy skills such as assessing the quality of information sources and properly citing them. But while 74% of first-year students said their instructors emphasized questioning the quality of information sources, only 37% of first-year students and 36% of seniors frequently decided not to use an information source due to quality concerns.”(Press release)


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President Obama and Immigration

With President Obama poised to lay out his plans on immigration reform tonight (watch it here or here), we recommend the following as excellent overviews to this controversial move: Executive Discretion as to Immigration: Legal Overview (CRS); the Migration Policy Institute has many informative publications worth a look;  Brookings Institution’s immigration page and this Council on Foreign Relations page are also relevant. A previous blog entry on What Are Executive Orders? will provide background on this type of administrative process.

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New Jersey Per Capita Personal Income, 2011-2013

Did personal income rise or fall in New Jersey’s counties during 2011-13; how did the other 3,000 counties in the U.S. fare? That kind of data is presented in Local Area Personal Income, 2013. Every county or its equivalent is listed here along with the national and state level figures.

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