Online Primary Souces: British Newspapers/Weeklies

[London] Gazette. The newspaper of record in England; it has been published for over 300 years. The military term “gazetted” comes from being mentioned in this paper and was a sign of honor. Also, “mentioned in dispatches” comes from having your name put forward by a superior in recounting a military exploit in which you were prominently featured. Tens of thousands of issues can be searched. Naval Chronicle. While not truly a newspaper, from 1799 to 1819 it was the place to find out about the British navy and its actions. It obviously covers the Napoleonic Era. Read biographies and first-hand accounts of every incident the navy was involved in. Bound into forty volumes. Spectator was a famous newspaper from 1711-1712; its 500+ issues were bound into eight volumes which were then corrected and re-published in a ten volume edition. Another Spectator, probably named after the first title, started appearing on a weekly basis in 1828 and is still being published today. Tatler ran from 1709-1710. and its 200+ issues were also bound into a set. Scattered runs of the Illustrated London News the first weekly of its kind are available; the volumes range from 1849-1919. Dozens of Welsh newspapers from 1804-1919 are at Welsh Newspapers Online. Going further afield, dozens of New Zealand newspapers from 1839-1945 are available at Papers Past. Its Australian counterpart – Trove – features more than one hundred newspapers from 1803-1988.

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