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Internet-Related News Stories in 2014

The Internet Monitor 2014 looks back on this year and examines some of the major topics that have involved the Internet, such as”the right to be forgotten” along with copyright issues, sexting, and online hate speech. An interactive timeline is also made available, linking to relevant articles.


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NJCU Signs 20-Year Lease at Harborside for Business School

NJCU is making its presence felt in the Gold Coast by leasing an almost 70,000 square foot property from Mack-Cali. The particulars of the deal can be found at NJBIZ and this press release from Mack-Cali.

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“Conversations with History”

This acclaimed series of interviews now contains 500 dialogues with some of the world’s leading minds on a vast array of topics. You can search by name, topic, or year.

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Cost of Post 9/11 Military Operations is $1.6 Trillion

That is according to the CRS report The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11. This document details that expenditures totaled”…$686 billion (43%) for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) for Afghanistan and other counterterror operations received; $815 billion (51%) for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)/Operation New Dawn(OND); $27 billion (2%) for Operation Noble Eagle (ONE), providing enhanced security at military bases; and $81 billion (5%) for war-designated funding not considered directly related to the Afghanistan or Iraq wars.”(2) This 100+ page report is replete with tables, figures, and footnotes. It should be consulted by anyone wishing to come to grips with the financial end of these operations.

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History of the British Parliament

A decades-long, still-ongoing project – History of Parliament Online – presents over 21,ooo biographies of members of Parliament from 1386 to 1832. Many of these contain in-depth explorations of a member’s political life, supplemented by both links and footnotes to original sources; however, some just offer a barebones outline. In addition, this site contains entries on constituencies, histories of parliamentary sessions, and surveys (overviews) of major themes dealt with by the various parliaments. A treasure trove of information; well worth a perusal.

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Top 10 Science Stories of 2014

These stories were selected by Science and range from the Black Death to “vampire” squirrels. Compare this with the listing from Scientific American.

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New Jersey Has Among the Least Generous Pension Benefits


According to this recently released report from the New Jersey Policy Perspective entitled New Jersey Has Modest Public Pension Benefits, this state “In addition to being some of the least generous pensions in the country, New Jersey’s pensions are modest in dollar amounts, even though the Garden State remains one of the highest-cost states in which to live.”(2)  The report continues stating how the average pension benefits for New Jersey workers average $26,000 and how out of the largest 100 pension plans examined, New Jersey’s is almost last in terms of pension generosity – 95.


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