Megadroughts To Be the New Normal

According to Unprecedented 21st century drought risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains (Science Advances), climate change will have a devastating impact on the West and Southwest from mid-century on. Drought conditions lasting decades are predicted, based on seventeen different computer modeling programs. Here is an overview on this topic from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Persistent drought in North America: a climate modeling and paleoclimate perspective (2014); other worthwhile reads are A 1,200-year perspective of 21st century drought in southwestern North America (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010); Assessing the Risk of Persistent Drought Using Climate Model Simulations and Paleoclimate Data (Journal of Climate, 2014); Pan-Continental Droughts in North America over the Last Millennium (Journal of Climate, 2014); Megadroughts in North America: placing IPCC projections of hydroclimatic change (Journal of Quarternary Science, 2009); and Severe and sustained drought in southern California and the West: Present conditions and insights from the past on causes and impacts, (Quarternary International, 2007).






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