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The Gender Gap in Reading

This is addressed in the 2015 Brown Center Report on American Education in which girls are far superior to boys in reading. While the 2015 OECD report The ABC of Gender Equality in Education: Aptitude, Behaviour and Confidence  concentrates more on the girls’ underrepresentation in the STEM fields and how that should be confronted, there is a section that deals with boys’ lack of reading achievement as measured against their female counterparts. And National curriculum assessments at key stage 2, 2014 (revised) from the UK Department of Education further reinforces this observation.

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Millennials Prefer Print to Ebook

At least that is the upshot of a survey undertaken by Publishing Technology that “…has revealed that young people on both sides of the Atlantic are avid readers, but overwhelmingly prefer print books to ebooks.” This format choice is echoed by a recent Pew report  A Snapshot of Reading in America 2013. And here are nine additional studies supporting these observations. You might also like to peruse this February 22, 2015 article from The Washington Post: Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right.

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Hudson County’s Population. Up or Down?

Hudson County’s estimated population increased by almost 5,000 between 2010 and 2014 according to the most recent report from the Census Bureau; this same table also shows population estimates for the other counties in the Garden State. All the other counties in the U.S. are also available online. Numbers for metropolitan areas have also been released. (Jersey City is not separated out in this report as it is subsumed in the New York area statistics; those specific numbers will be released in the upcomimng months.)

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CDC Public Health Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds Image


“The Public Health Grand Rounds is a monthly webcast created to foster discussion on major public health issues. Each session focuses on key challenges related to a specific health topic, and explores cutting-edge scientific evidence and potential impact of different interventions.” (Introduction) Dozens of episodes are available from Advanced Molecular Detection to Unusual Transplant Infections.

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FBI Review Commission Report

The FBI: Protecting the Homeland in the 21st Century is the report generated by a Congressionally-mandated oversight committee to examine how well the FBI is discharging its functions after 9/11. Among the recommendations are for the FBI to expand its global mission and to establish analyist managers at all top levels.(108-09) The Director’s response is here. Key findings of the report are here.

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How Much Does It Cost To Go To College?

Quite honestly, it depends on the type of institution you choose, along with what financial aid you may receive. This just-released NCES report – What is the Price of College? – is based on 2011/12 data but incorporates more current literature. This Stats in Brief title examines the tuition/fees charged and the amount of aid received to arrive at the net cost of college for publics, privates and non-profits. Compare this with the College Board’s Trends in College Pricing that includes 2015/15 data, and Trends in Student Financing of Undergraduate Education: Selected Years 1995-96 to 2011-12. FYI:  New Jersey’s in-state tuition is 4th highest in the nation, and here is NJCU’s IPEDS data, including its net price for undergraduates.

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Rapid Communications on Infectious Outbreaks

The mission of PLOS (Public Library of Science) Current Outbreaks  is to foster “…research in all aspects of infectious disease outbreaks, including respiratory pathogens as well as foodborne and travel-related outbreaks. We welcome research relevant to any infectious disease outbreak with impact or potential impact on human health, including but not restricted to the following: influenza, salmonella, haemorrhagic fever, norovirus, Ebola, coronavirus, meningitis, E. coli, zoonotic and vector-borne infections, health care-acquired .”(Aims & Scope) To date, numerous reports are available on Ebola, MERS, and vaccines. A very interesting publication is Global Climate Anomalies and Potential Infectious Disease Risks: 2014-2015.

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