How Much Does It Cost To Go To College?

Quite honestly, it depends on the type of institution you choose, along with what financial aid you may receive. This just-released NCES report – What is the Price of College? – is based on 2011/12 data but incorporates more current literature. This Stats in Brief title examines the tuition/fees charged and the amount of aid received to arrive at the net cost of college for publics, privates and non-profits. Compare this with the College Board’s Trends in College Pricing that includes 2015/15 data, and Trends in Student Financing of Undergraduate Education: Selected Years 1995-96 to 2011-12. FYI:  New Jersey’s in-state tuition is 4th highest in the nation, and here is NJCU’s IPEDS data, including its net price for undergraduates.

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