Online Primary Sources: Travel Accounts of France

Among other sources of information, contemporary travel accounts are many times ignored or missed by beginning researchers. But they, too, provide valuable information if you apply the same stringent criteria you use when evaluating any other primary source material. Included here are accounts of the Terror, weather conditions, the beheadings of monarchs, and the depredations of conflict.

Travel Narratives (provide eyewitness accounts)

Other accounts:

Account of a Tour in Normandy 2 vols, 1820

After Waterloo 1908

Englishman’s vade mecum at Paris : containing five descriptive routes from the coast to Paris, with directions to strangers on their first arrival 1814

A few weeks in Paris, during the residence of the Allied sovereigns in that metropolis 1814

France and the republic; a record of things seen and learned in the French provinces during the “centennial” year 1889 1890

A Handbook for Travellers in France. (various editions, 1854 -)

A journal during a residence in France : from the beginning of August, to the middle of December, 1792, to which is added, an account of the most remarkable events that happened at Paris from that time to the death of the late king of France 2 vols, 1794

Journal of a tour through part of France, Flanders, and Holland, including a visit to Paris, and a walk over the field of Waterloo: made in the summer of 1816 1817

Journal of sentimental travels in the southern provinces of France : shortly before the Revolution (abridged English translation, 1821)

Letters describing the character and customs of the English and French nations. With a curious essay on travelling. 2d ed, 1726

Letters from France : written by a modern tourist in that country; and descriptive of some of the most amusing manners and customs of the French 1815

Letters written during a tour through Normandy, Britanny, and other parts of France, in 1818: including local and historical descriptions 1820

Memorandums of a residence in France, in the winter of 1815-16, including remarks on French manners and society 1816

Notes of a journey through France and Italy 1826

Notes on a journey through France, from Dieppe through Paris and Lyons, to the Pyrennees, and back through Toulouse, in July, August and September, 1814 1815

Observations in a journey to Paris by way of Flanders, in the month of August 1776 2 vols, 1777

Paris, in eighteen hundred and two, and eighteen hundred and fourteen 2d ed, 1814

Paris revisited, in 1815, by way of Brussels; including a walk over the field of battle at Waterloo 1816

Recollections of Europe 2 vols, 1837

Round my house; notes on rural life in France in peace and war 3d ed, 1876

A tour through several of the midland and western departments of France, in the months of June, July, August, and September, 1802 1803

A tour through some parts of France, Switzerland, Savoy, Germany and Belgium, during the summer and autumn of 1814 1815

Travels during the years 1787, 1788 and 1789 2 vols, 1793

Travels in France and Italy, in 1817 and 1818 1821

Travels in France in 1818 1819 (In its opening pages, the author remarks on the sheer number of travel books written in the past decade on France.)

Travels in France, during the years 1814-15. Comprising a residence at Paris during the stay of the allied armies, and at Aix, at the period of the landing of Bonaparte 2d ed, 2 vols, 1816

Travels through France and Italy. Containing observations on character, customs, religion 2 vols 1766

Travels through France and Spain, in the years 1770 and 1771 : In which is particularly minuted, the present state of those countries, respecting the agriculture, population 1776

Travels through the south of France and in the interior of the provinces of Provence and Languedoc in the years 1807 and 1808 by a route never before performed 1809

A view of society and manners in France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy 2 vols, 1783

A view of the agriculture, manufactures, statistics, and state of society, of Germany, and parts of Holland and France. Taken during a journey through those countries, in 1819 1820

A visit to Paris in 1814 : being a review of the moral, political, intellectual, and social condition of the French capital 2d ed, 1815

A year’s journey through France, and part of Spain 1777


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