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New English Language Words Added to Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary

What the heck does “meme” mean? When was the term “click bait” first used? In what context is the phrase “dark money” employed? These and other questions are handily answered in M-W’s blog entitled A Thing About Words. Here you will also find new favorites such as NSFW and WTF.

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Timelines for World War I

While the United States did not enter until 1917, the Great War had been raging since 1914. To establish a context and a framework, several timelines are beneficial:; the; Great War Timeline (PBS, includes pre-1914 dates along with links); Interactive World War I Timeline (National World War I Museum); World War One (BBC); and Chief Events of the War Timeline: 1914-1919 (Library of Congress).

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Who Are the FIFA Officials Indicted and the Full Text Document of Indictments

Here are profiles of the FIFA (“World Soccer”) officials named in the 47-count indictment (for racketeering conspiracy and corruption) handed down this morning. In addition the Attorney General of Switzerland has its own separate ongoing investigation on suspicions of criminal mismanagement and money laundering.

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DNI Releases Translated bin Laden Documents

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has just released over 100 documents, letters, and statements retrieved from bid Laden’s compound on the night of the Seal raid; more are forthcoming. In addition, dozens of other reports, books, and think tank publications were seized as part of the Bin Laden’s Bookshelf; he was obviously well aware of the studies done on him and his influence.

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David Letterman’s Final Monologue – Full Transcript and Video

Here and here. For comparison, please view 30 Years of Great TV Farewells (see how many you remember or recognize).

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Grant Resources

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does provide entry into this realm:

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. Project Grants.

Department of Defense. Funding Opportunities (directs you to

Department of Education. Grants Overview (directs to and other sites)

Form 990 (Thousands non-profit annual reports to IRS. Can partially judge viability of funding sources.)

Foundation Center. Top 100 US Foundations by Total Giving.(figures audited as of May 16, 2015)

Graduate Assistance in Areas of National need (GANN). Funding grants (no pun intended) access to thousands of available federal funding sources.

Grantsmanship Center. Funding State by State (lists top foundations along with contact information for individual grants offices; lists top corporate foundations as well, but it does not have contact information.)

Michigan State University hosts Grants for Nonprofits arranged by broad subject areas. Each topic contains grants (many non-federal), relevant books, and announcements

National Endowment for the Arts. Grants to Educators &  Grants for Organizations

National Endowment for the Humanities. Grants

National institutes of Health. Grants & Funding

National Science Foundation. Funding (Online listing of directorates and their websites)

The Office of Management and Budget issues circulars which dictate/explain the grants process for institutions; the ones for education are here (A21, A110, A113).

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Recent New Jersey Bills Dealing with PARCC

Most of these have passed through their respective committees. Bill descriptions are the official synopses.

A4165. Allows parent or guardian to exclude student from administration of certain assessments.

S2881. Prohibits withholding of State school aid based on student participation rate on State assessments.

S2844. Requires school districts to post on their websites information regarding student participation in certain assessments.

S2921. Requires employees of private entity with access to student information under contract with DOE, school districts, or charter schools to undergo criminal background check.

S2922. Requires DOE to post on its website list of all third party individuals or vendors employed or retained by DOE for work associated with State assessments.

S2923. Requires school district or charter school to provide notification to parent or guardian of enrolled student on upcoming administration of State assessments or commercially-developed standardized assessments.

S2766. Prohibits administration of standardized assessments in kindergarten through second grade.

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