Recent New Jersey Bills Dealing with PARCC

Most of these have passed through their respective committees. Bill descriptions are the official synopses.

A4165. Allows parent or guardian to exclude student from administration of certain assessments.

S2881. Prohibits withholding of State school aid based on student participation rate on State assessments.

S2844. Requires school districts to post on their websites information regarding student participation in certain assessments.

S2921. Requires employees of private entity with access to student information under contract with DOE, school districts, or charter schools to undergo criminal background check.

S2922. Requires DOE to post on its website list of all third party individuals or vendors employed or retained by DOE for work associated with State assessments.

S2923. Requires school district or charter school to provide notification to parent or guardian of enrolled student on upcoming administration of State assessments or commercially-developed standardized assessments.

S2766. Prohibits administration of standardized assessments in kindergarten through second grade.


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