The American Museum of Natural History Digital Collections

This great institution has been a favorite of ours for years. Their exhibitions, the Hayden Planetarium, the library, and its various research departments are all of stellar quality; it is one the best natural history centers in the world. And the Museum further endears itself by its digital presence. You can access Science Topics, collections of relevant materials centered on certain topics such as climate change or volcanoes. And its AMNH Library Digital Repository contains such gems as its annual reports (1870- look who served on the Board of Trustees in the early years!), Anthropological Papers (1907 – includes some of the major ethnographic work of the 20th century), Bulletin (1881 – longer works of natural history), Memoirs (1893-1930, consisting of major monographic works), and Novitates (1921 – shorter papers in natural history). If you enjoy wandering the many halls of this museum, you’ll also enjoy meandering through these various publications and presentations.


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