The State of New Jersey Earns a “D” in Integrity

At least that is the opinion of the Center for Public Integrity, but we are in good company as only three states garnered a grade higher than C-. New Jersey’s scores across the thirteen metrics employed reveal some dysfunction within the state government, starting with Governor Christie: “Bridgegate is perhaps the most brazen of a series of controversies, including lavish all-expense-paid trips and an ongoing battle with the press over public records, that have engulfed the Christie administration in recent years. All of this has contributed to the state earning an overall score of 65, or a grade of D, in the State Integrity Investigation, a data-driven analysis of state government accountability and transparency conducted by the Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity. The report also found in New Jersey a significant “enforcement gap,” which measures the difference between the laws on the books and how they’re actually implemented.” When this report was issued in 2012, New Jersey ranked tops in the nation with a B+ rating, although the 2015 iteration does say that comparison with previous measures are not totally accurate due to differences in the evaluation process.


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