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Dickens’ Other Christmas Writings

We all know that Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol; its actual title is A Christmas Carol in Prose. Being A Ghost Story of Christmas. You can read the original English 1843 edition with its colored illustrations by John Leech here. But did you know that that title was just the first of his “Christmas Books”? He followed the above title with The Chimes (1844), Cricket on the Hearth (1845), The Battle of Life (1846), and The Haunted Man (1848). And like A Christmas Carol, all were published in December of their respective years. All five of these books were collected in an omnibus edition – Christmas Books (1852). In a brief preface, he stated: “I have included my little Christmas Books in this cheap edition, complying with a desire that has been repeatedly expressed to me, and hoping that they may prove generally acceptable in so accessible a form.” Pictures of bindings and publishing details of many of his works, including the Christmas Books, can be found here.

Dickens, in collaboration with other writers, also produced Christmas Stories for two of his periodicals he edited – Household Words and All the Year Round. More information on these pieces can be found here.

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Useful EdTech Tools

50 Educational Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About pretty much says it all. The sites are broken into the following categories: social learning; learning; lesson planning and tools; and useful tools.

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Best Science Fiction Books of the Year

Rather than list all the sites individually, we point you to the excellent coverage found in Locus Magazine.

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Where Are The Tallest Buildings in New Jersey?

Most of them are located in Jersey City. Visit this site to see the list that includes a brief description of the property. If a website is available for the building, a link is provided,

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Jobs in Healthcare To Grow the Most in 2014-2024

This is according to a just-released Bureau of Labor Statistics report entitled Employment Projectionss: 2014-24. Table 6 provides some relevant data: the position of registered nurse will grow from 2.75 million practitioners in 2014 to 3.2 million 2024, a 16% increase; the 2014 median salary for RNs is $66,640. Occupational Employment and Wages – May 2014 – Registered Nurses provides a plethora of data.

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Full Text of “Paris Agreement” on Climate Change

The move to adopt the agreement and the agreement itself are here; the agreement forms the “annex” in this document that is located at the end. Analysis and key points are available from The New York Times.

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Recent Reports on Syria

With renewed interest in Syria of late, here is a selection of new reports: ISIS/Daesh: the military response in Iraq and Syria; Syria: a reading list; Iraq and Syria – developments in 2015 (UK Parliament Library); Dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons programme: an early look at the prospects and obstacles ; Syria [What Think Tanks Are Thinking](This last report is a listing of dozens of analyses of the Syrian situation from an impressive number of institutes. European Parliament Research Service);  Armed Conflict in Syria: Overview and U.S.Response (CRS); and CFR Backgrounders: The Islamic State (Council on Foreign Relations).


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